The use of small unmanned aerial systems for geomatics applications

Full Name: Costas Armenakis

Academic Affiliation: York University

Position: Associate Professor

Abstract : Aerial data collection is a way to obtain a better perspective and coverage over an area, and also enables targeted coverage at flexible visiting times. The disruptive technology of small and light-weight Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is changing geomatics applications and creating new and innovative opportunities for measuring and modeling outdoor and indoor environments. These emerging low-cost small UAS are effective aerial mobile survey systems carrying imaging and ranging sensors (e.g., still and video cameras, laser scanners) for geospatial data collection generating 2 and 3D mapping products. Reconstruction of the position and orientation of the sensor on-board the UAS is one of the first steps towards processing of UAS data. Indirect, integrated and direct-georeferencing methods for pose estimation will be discussed. Then methods and approaches for the generation of dense point clouds for digital surface and 3D modelling, and for the alignment of UAS data with terrestrial laser scanning 3D data will be presented including examples from various case studies.