GERIMEDS: Generating Effective Rehab Initiative for Medication Education During Inpatient Stay

Full Name: Anastasia Shiamptanis

Academic Affiliation: University of Toronto

Position: Adjunct Lecturer

Abstract: The Toronto Rehab Geriatric Rehabilitation service has seen a steady rise in acuity and complexity with patients often presenting with multiple chronic diseases that require complex medication regimes. Medication nonadherence is well documented as a concern in the geriatric population and poses potential serious consequences for adverse health outcomes and financial implications of subsequent hospital admissions. The GERIMEDS project is focused on the creation and implementation of an interprofessional (IP), comprehensive medication program to address the complexity of the geriatric population’s needs. It has allowed staff to identify barriers and enablers to patient medication self-administration, and minimize missed opportunities for medication adherence assessment, intervention and education. Furthermore, this project has helped to identify and reduce assessment and intervention duplication, implement clinical communication and decision support tools, and improve IP collaboration, communication and patient care.