Non-Invasive Diffusion-Wave and Photoacoustic Diagnostic and Imaging Methodologies: They Go Where No Light Has Gone Before

Full Name: Andreas Mandelis

Academic Affiliation: University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Position: Professor and Director, Center for Advanced Diffusion-Wave and Photoacoustic Technologies (CADIPT)

Abstract: This talk will present a brief overview of current inter-disciplinary research activities in the CADIPT which exploit the unique diagnostic capabilities of diffusion and laser-induced photoacoustic waves. They include a wide range of physical fields and phenomena: thermal, electronic, photonic and atmospheric, to name a few. CADIPT activities encompass four research directions: Biomedical photoacoustic and thermophotonic technology and instrumentation development, with current focus on early cancer imaging, dental caries imaging and biosensor development; Non-destructive metrologies and imaging of optoelectronic semiconductor materials and devices with special focus on photovoltaic solar cells; Non-destructive imaging methodologies of “hidden” manufacturing flaws; and spectroscopic environmental pollution sensor development. Some examples will be presented for discussion.